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Neck pain is a problem that affects millions of American. Unfortunately, there are nearly limitless causes for what’s better known as cervicalgia. Often, simply the weight of the head itself is enough to strain the neck muscles, causing them to be fatigued and sore. Combined with the injuries and damage that can occur when the neck turns too suddenly, neck pain can often be a challenging pain to control.

Neck pain can be caused by a number of different issues. It could be as simply as you spending too much time at your desk every day staring at the computer. However, it could also be more serious, such as a slipped disc or arthritis. In order to be sure, you need to be diagnosed by a pain specialist. The sooner you come in for an appointment at our integrated pain clinic, the sooner you can go back to leading a pain-free life.

Chronic neck pain treatment depends on the cause of the pain. If you recently had an injury or trauma, such as whiplash or a muscle tear, it is important to rest your neck and take anti-inflammatories to reduce swelling. It also may be necessary to wear a neck brace to help support the weight of your head and give your neck a chance to heal. For stress-related neck pain, you can use heat or cold therapy to relax the muscles as well as an anti-inflammatory drug to reduce swelling in the area.

A disorder called cervical posture syndrome can also contribute to cervicalgia. When this happens, the shoulders become rounded forward, allowing the shoulder blades to poke out and the chin to point downward. It is very common in cyclists and catchers in baseball, as they often assume this position for long periods at a time. Luckily, through massage and stretching, this helps the muscles in the upper back and neck to relax and return to their normal position.