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DALLAS Interventional Pain

Dallas Interventional Pain is a pain management institute offering comprehensive and innovative pain care.

We accept all major insurance except Medicaid.

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  • Dr. Antonio Rozier, MD

    Dr. Rozier’s focus is to provide unsurpassed care to his patients, while dutifully fulfilling a responsibility to enrich the growing field of non-surgical spine care, and pain medicine. As an interventional physiatrist, Dr. Rozier utilizes various imaging studies, astute physical examinations, and targeted x-ray guided procedures to accurately diagnose and effectively treat painful conditions.  Dr. Rozier’s goal is to safely return the injured individual, worker, or athlete, back to his or her prior level of function, productivity, or performance.

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  • Dr. Neil Verma, MD

    As the CEO and Founder of Integrative Pain Institute Dr. Verma is instrumental in developing comprehensive programs and medical protocols to eliminate inflammation that cause pain. Dr. Verma brings his expertise as a Professor of Family Medicine to introduce Functional Medicine into the treatment approach to pain.  Dr. Verma specializes in head, neck and shoulder conditions so Integrative Pain Institute is able to offer the latest and most effective innovations in headache, migraine relief, whiplash, and frozen shoulder. His expertise in Interventional Pain management and interest in Regenerative Medicine can help patients suffering from chronic pain conditions find immediate and long lasting pain relief.

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