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DALLAS Interventional Pain

Dallas Interventional Pain is a pain management institute offering comprehensive and innovative pain care.

We accept all major insurance except Medicaid.

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What We Do

We will perform a thorough history and physical exam.  We may need to order laboratory tests, imaging scans, nerve conduction studies, or diagnostic nerve blocks to find the root cause of your pain.  We will listen to your needs as a patient, put safety first, and build a custom treatment protocol for effective pain relief.  Once we are sure of your diagnosis we will provide therapeutic injections using state of the art facilities and technology.  After the procedure we will ensure close follow up and communicate with your referral doctor to ensure your pain is being optimally treated.

Procedures We Offer

Spine Injections-Neck, Back, Pelvis, Leg

Performed with x-ray to ensure accuracy spine injections reduce inflammation, promote healing, and relieve pain.

Nerve Blocks-Headache, Facial, Upper Extremity, Chest Wall, Abdominal Wall, Pelvis, Low Back, Lower Extremity

Performed with ultrasound to ensure accuracy peripheral nerve blocks numb the pain signal to the brain to provide immediate pain relief and promote function to the specific injured area.

Trigger Points

Muscle spasms are injected by careful palpation of muscle knots to relax the soft tissue, promote circulation and provide effective pain relief.

Joint Injections-Spine, Sacroiliac, Hip, Shoulder, Knee, TMJ, Elbow, Wrist, Ankle

Joints pain injections help restore movement and function.

Spinal Cord Stimulation-Migraine, Neck, Back, Leg

An electrical current is intermittently administered to block the progression of pain signals

Rhizotomy/Radiofrequency Nerve Ablation-Neck, Back, Pelvis, Leg

X-ray guidance for accurate needle insertion to cauterize the nerves using a a small amount of electrical current for longer lasting pain relief.

Pain Medication

We follow CDC Guidelines for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain.

Regenerative Medicine

Innovative technologies now allow us to use the body’s on cells to trigger an immune response allowing it to heal itself